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Photos: Beautiful 22- year-old Leigh-Anne Mahachi stabbed to death in UK

A post-mortem was carried out on Tuesday night found that she died as a result of multiple stab wounds. A 37- year-old man identified as Douglas Furusa from the Colchester area, was arrested yesterday after a murder investigation was launched. He's due to appear at the city's magistrates later and has been remanded in custody, BBC reports Investigating officer Detective Inspector Steve Ashmore said: "This is an extremely distressing incident and the victim’s family is currently being supported by specially trained officers. We are treating this as a targeted attack and I can reassure members of the public that we have a large number of resources at the scene and are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry to establish the full circumstances. A murder investigation is underway and we urge anyone with information or anyone who saw or heard anything in the Spotswood to comply" Source: South Yorkshire Police/BBC Photo credit: Leigh-Anne-Ma…

If the past government had acted immediately, our Chibok girls would have been found - Dogara

According to Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, if the past government had acted immediately the Chibok girls were kidnapped, its most likely they would have returned home by now. Dogara said this in a series of tweets this morning..

"I was drunk when I raped my step- sister" — Married Man Begs

your "drunk" gave you power
to hold her down and put
your 'thing' inside abi????

Funmi Iyanda shares rare photo of her daughter

Funmi Iyanda shared a rare photo of her daughter,

Meet this Dog which would put your soccer skills to shame (The wonder Ronaldog)

Two year old Alfie is so talented he has been named Ronaldog. The cross breed can dribble at speed, balance a full size football on his head while sprinting, bounce the ball off his body onto his head and even side step a ball to confuse his opponent. He lives with the Simpkins family based in Cheltenham, Peter Simpkins said: “Alfie truly is our wonder dog. Not only is he a fantastic family pet, he has football skills I rarely see humans possess, never mind a dog. "We first noticed his one-of-a-kind talent when he took a shine to my daughter's football in the garden, which at the time were the same size as him. It was so funny watching this tiny dog trying to control a ball, but within some few days he had mastered the art of dribbling and controlling the ball in one-on-one tackles. “At two years old Alfie now has talent more commonly seen in the Champions League. His skills are just amazing. He's even been known to ‘nutmeg’ me and I can n…

[BREAKING NEWS]*** Suspected Kidnapper Set Ablaze In Kaduna

It was no longer business as usual when a suspected kidnapper met his waterloo this morning in Kaduna, when angry youths gave him baptism of fire and burnt him to ashes. The incidence occurred in Barnawa, Kaduna South local government area of Kaduna state at about 10am this morning. Details of how the suspected kidnapper was apprehended and given jungle justice is still very sketchy . It would be recalled however that Kaduna State has been in the news for various kidnapping activities of late, just as several arrest of suspected kidnappers have been made in and around the state and are to be prosecuted accordingly.

This is how the Haiwans stand in queue (very creative)

The Haiwans instead of wasting their strength standing to form queues they form their queues in grand style as described in this picture. Take a look at this {**click on post to view images**} Isn't it very thoughtful, less stressful and more calm. But funny tho

Who is more hilarious among these two acts ?

Among these two funny acts ( Ade and Emmanuella ), who do you say is more funny?

Getting popular on social media

Call them social media celebs and you wouldn’t be wrong, this new class of stars are raking in both money and fame by just sharing stuff on our social media handle. But being social a media celeb is it all fun and games? I don't think so

It’s a new race to stardom andtalented people, often regular guysincluding our very own celebrities have found a way to make money by simply telling the rest of us about their lives on social media. Yeah, social media audience is a new niche and our celebs know this: by sharing theirstories, dreams, awkward moments etconline while the rest of us watch on ardently, these guys get paid big time, lol.

YouTube,Instagram, Facebook, Palmchat and Twitter give most of us something to do on a lonely Saturday night but they actually pay the bills for some people.

Social media celebrities like “Craze clown” has become Instagram famous; the Ukraine based comedian post funny videos on his different social media platforms for his followers to view and enjoy.

Woman Kidnapped

On Tuesday April 12, Rivers State Police Command released photos of captured suspected criminals in the state. Among the suspects paraded was a woman identified as Mrs. Abigail Brown who kidnapped her two children to get ransom from her husband.<!--more-->
According to a statement issued by the Command on Wednesday, April 13, Mrs Brown and husband’s former driver, identified as ThankGod, connived to kidnap her two children, aged 2 and 10. The suspects then called the husband to pay a ransom in order to secure their release. Brown who had earlier denied the allegation against her, later but later confessed to the crime claiming she that "it was frustration that made her to commit the crime as she had no means of survival."

She claimed that her husband had abandoned her and the two children to suffer, adding that the kidnap was the only means of making some money from her husband. She had abducted her two children, and hid them in her sister’s place and was awaiting the…

Omotola's new look

This is from her shoot with Glitz Africa mag


Ladies!!! Can you date a man way far younger than you?? And men, can you date a woman way far older than you?